Numerous Hands-On and Lectures available.


Forcible Entry

This class is an intense 8 hour hands-on course that focuses on the basics of Conventional Irons work and Through-the-Lock Forcible Entry to help build skills and habits to be successful. Our class uses realistic props that feel and act like real doors and locks and the challenges they present. The course is broken down into residential in the morning and commercial in the afternoon. Station will include overcoming padlocks, security doors, two FF inward and outward, one FF inward and outward, residential and commercial TTL, drop bars, carriage bolts, and door size-up. This class is designed for all levels of experience with lots of hands-on manipulation and repetitions. A significant amount of time will be spent on Through-the-Lock as we have found this is a highly sought after topic that is minimally trained on, yet provides so much benefit in gaining entry with ease and limited damage.

Vent-Enter-Search and Beyond

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This class will provide discussion and hands-on practice of residential and commercial locks and how to manipulate them in order to reduce damage. Gaining entry into a structure does not always have to be destructive, by maintaining the integrity of the door and locking mechanisms you will be able to re-secure the property. Class includes use of K-tool, modified channel locks/vise grips, lock pullers and key tools. Join us to gain skills by manipulating actual locks and/or realistic props.

Performing the Search: Low-Staffed Crews

Low staffed and volunteer fire departments still have a responsibility to search for victims on the fire ground. When planning to search we need to ask these six questions.

  • Who do we assign to the search?
  • What tools and process do we need to take?
  • When does it need to happen?
  • Where do we start?
  • Why are we searching?
  •  How can we get it done?

This class will provide the practice and skills needed to build the knowledge in our firefighters to answer these questions.


The Engine Company’s Guide to Truck Work

The Engine Company’s Guide to Truck Work is a discussion on the necessity of Truck Company Operations on the fire ground. There are still a number of department’s that don’t staff or have aerial apparatus and the tasks of throwing ground ladders, coordinated ventilation, forcible entry, rescue, search, controlling utilities, overhaul, and firefighter rescue are either not assigned or poorly done. When typical truck company tasks are not done to support the engine company, the fire ground suffers and the decision to withdraw, regroup, and go defensive is the norm. This program will discuss ways to build truck company operations into your engine company response and SOGs through training and mindset; making the fireground safer.

The Suburban Squad Company

The Suburban Squad Company is an ideology as much as it is a functional fire company. Based off of the origins and the current FDNY Squad Companies, the Suburban Squad Company is an enhanced engine company. In the smaller suburban and county departments where we find a lack of a designated “truck” company or trained personnel; we can fill that need with a Suburban Squad Company. The Suburban Squad Company has the responsibility of a first due engine territory; outside of that, they can function as a “truck”. Those assignments can range from Search/VES, Ventilation/Roof work, RIT/FAST, and additional specialites such as HAZMAT/USAR or vehicle extrication. This company can provide the IC with a well trained, specialty company that can be used as a “Wild Card” and fill any need. This course will discuss the ideas, training, and company cohesion and attitude necessary for this high performing company.

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